Ego, Personality Reigns in Monark’s ‘Allies’ Trailer

Just like certain other JRPGs, getting to know one’s friends is looking to be one of the keys to achieving the best outcome in Nippon Ichi’s upcoming Monark. As powerful as the player character appears to be, it seem he to will be nothing without his quirky bunch of friends. As is fitting for a game all about “madness” and “ego,” this group is eccentric to say the least, and the game’s latest trailer does its best to highlight it.

It seems that it’ll fall to this group five very different people to not only destroy whatever strange force is plaguing their school but also ensure that something terrible doesn’t happen to the protagonist in the process.  Conversely, players’ own actions will also likely be the deciding factor in all these characters’ fates. This situation, along with the characters’ own personalities and some unique gameplay mechanics might just be enough to grant Monark some much-needed distinctiveness in a fairly crowded genre.

Monark is set to launch in 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5 and Switch. Those looking to learn more right now might be able to find some extra details on the official website.