Elite VR Bundle 3 Hits Fanatical

VR games can be a bit pricey and they aren’t often bundled – which is why the third Elite VR bundle is so intriguing. This multi-tier bundle allows you to get three games for $4.99, five for $7.99 and seven games for only $9.99 and everything activates on Steam. The games available include Warplanes: WWI Fighters, Stranger, Catch & Release, 1976, Cave Digger, Narcosis, Operation Warcade, Soulace, Touring Karts, Boiling Steel, Beat Blaster, Hyper Dash, Trials of Gold Privateers, Cosmic Trip, Skyworld Kingdon Brawl, BoomBox, Totally Baseball, Vionarium, Traffic Jams, and Final Soccer.

There is an absurd amount of variety here, with standouts being Touring Karts, Hyper Dash, Beat Blaster, the Rez-esque Visionarium, Skyworld, the RTS Cosmic Trip, and the shooter Boiling Steel. Thee’s a lot of fun to be had here across many genres.