Enjoy the Most Important Meal of the Day in Europe’s Next Splatoon 2 Splatfest

Splatoon 2 continues pitting two sides against one another with their Splatfest events. Usually, it is over something that’s quite a hot debate. However, Europe’s next Splatfest certainly requires a warm or even cold decision.

Squids and kids throughout the continent will have to choose whether they enjoy having Warm or Cold breakfast. It may seem like an odd question and one that could be ignite a huge feud but let’s have the Inklings do the talking. If players are hungry for bacon and eggs in the morning go for Team Warm. Those who prefer a huge bowl of cereal upon waking should pick Team Cold.

The Splatfest takes place next week on Saturday, November 4. A couple of new weapons have been added to the game as well as the comeback of Blackbelly Skatepark which might pop up during Splatfest. Europeans can select their teams now and start powering up those shirts.