Enjoy Wrestling and Pixels? Check Out a New Kickstarter

Wrestling and video games have been a passion of mine for 20 years, and yet no physical books have been made about it. Botched Productions looks to change that with Wrestling With Pixels: The World Tour of Wrestling Games. The core project is a book that covers the complete history of wrestling games and will feature interviews from some of the people behind them – including SUDA51, who crafted the darkest ending to a wrestling game yet with the main character committing suicide. Beyond the book, video interviews will also be recorded and a podcast will be produced about the project.

Backers can pay as little as $10 for a black and white copy of the book, while paying $20 gets you the color version and access to video content and development podcasts. $30 gets you all that along with a digital artbook and interview access, while spending $5 more gets you a physical copy of the book. $45 gets you digital and print versions of the book and video/podcast access. $50 gets you the book and a DVD with interviews and footage from Botchamania’s No Mercy tourney. The best overall value seems to be the $30 one, although for $5, you can get the physical version if you really want a hard copy. Hopefully this project does well