Epic Games Acquires Harmonix

Epic Games and Harmonix today announced that the Fortnite creator has acquired the Rock Band creator.

Harmonix, the team behind Rock Band, Dance Central, and Fuser has officially joined the Epic Games family. Harmonix joins Psyonix and Tonic Games Group as the latest major acquisition for the Fortnite creator. The studio will work with Epic to bring their unique brand of music games to Epic’s Metaverse.

In terms of how the acquisition affects current projects, the answer is not much. The studio will continue working on their DLC plans for Rock Band, Rivals Seasons, and Fuser events. All their games will remain available on Steam and console stores. Most importantly, no servers for any of their games will be taken offline. All-in-all, this acquisition won’t affect their current crop of games at all.

Harmonix will now work with Epic to create musical experiences for Fortnite. What that exactly means is unknown at this time.