Epic Games’ Free Games Program to Continue Beyond 2023

In an electrifying revelation at Unreal Fest 2023, Epic Games’ Kyle Billings set the gaming world abuzz with exciting news about the future of the company and the continuation of their immensely popular ‘Free Games Program.’ This initiative has been nothing short of a game-changer, attracting an astonishing ‘over 90 million new users’ since its inception. What’s more, Epic Games has made it crystal clear that their ‘Free Games Program’ is here to stay, promising a bountiful stream of free games ‘through 2023 and beyond.’

A Truly Free Gaming Experience

Epic Games’ ‘Free Games Program’ is a rarity in the gaming industry. It’s a place where gamers can indulge in truly free games without any strings attached. While other platforms may offer free games through services like PS Plus or Game Pass Ultimate, they often come with a subscription-based paywall, a barrier that has always separated Epic’s approach from the rest.

For a more in-depth look at Epic Games’ announcement and the exciting prospects of the ‘Free Games Program,’ you can watch the full talk from Unreal Fest 2023 in the video below.

The journey began in late 2018 when Epic introduced the program, kicking it off with the fantastic titles Super Meat Boy and Subnautica. Since then, the program has evolved and expanded, granting gamers access to a treasure trove of free games. Some of the notable titles that have been made available include:

  1. Superhot
  2. For Honor
  3. Metro: Redux
  4. Just Cause 4
  5. GTA 5
  6. Battlefront 2
  7. Control
  8. Payday 2
  9. Watch Dogs
  10. Dying Light
  11. Fallout: New Vegas

Since its inception in 2018, Epic Games has given away hundreds of top-tier titles, and the results speak for themselves. The ‘Free Games Program’ has not only attracted but retained tens of millions of users on the PC platform, solidifying its status as a fan-favorite and industry game-changer.

The future of gaming has never looked brighter, and with Epic Games’ commitment to offering exceptional gaming experiences, one thing is certain: free games are here to stay. Gamers can look forward to an ever-growing library of top-notch titles, and the epic journey continues beyond 2023. As we venture further into this exciting world of gaming, Epic Games remains at the forefront, leading the charge in redefining the gaming landscape. Stay tuned for more epic adventures, as the best is yet to come.

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