ESA Makes Statement on Obama’s Data Security Proposal

The ESA might be known to most as the organizers of E3, but they also are a group comprised of the top video game publishers that provides analysis and advoacy on issues like global content protection, intellectual property, technology, e-commerce and the First Amendment in support of interactive software publishers, as well as occasional lobbying. As such, President Obama’s security proposals today were of great interest of the group, who have released the following statement:

“Cyber attacks threaten our country’s security and prosperity. We commend President Obama’s leadership in providing law enforcement the tools necessary to detect and prosecute organized digital crime. Consumers need to be protected from illegal, malicious botnets and denial-of-service attacks. They deserve to enjoy an innovative and dynamic Internet free of this criminal activity. The Entertainment Software Association will work with the White House and Congressional leaders to fine tune these proposals and help enhance penalties for those who inflict consumer damage on a mass scale.”