Escharum Mocks Hope, Humankind in ‘The Banished Rise’ Halo Infinite Trailer

The Covenant may be long gone, but the war rages on the Halo universe regardless. Humanity may not be facing the same kind of existential threat that they were when the entirety of the Covenant’s member species were allied and cooperating against them, but they’re definitely not out of the woods yet either. There yet remain many strong splinter groups left over from the old Covenant days, and “The Banished” might just be the most dangerous of them all.

It seems humanity is getting pushed back once again, and the leader of “The Banished,” Escharum, seems pretty sure that the Master Cheif won’t be enough to turn the tide this time around. One would think a Brute would know enough to give “The Demon” his due, but then Brutes weren’t exactly the Covenant’s best and brightest, were they?

Halo Infinite launches for PC and Xbox Series X|S on December 8.