“Dating Action” Game Eternights Announced For 2023

Sometimes, you come across something that could be described as “the most anime game ever made,” like Astral Chain or Scarlet Nexus, only to see it topped in a year or two. And at today’s State of Play, we saw a new contender for the title in the form of Eternights, a new “dating action” game from developers Studio Sai. And if you need proof that it’s a contender, then we suggest checking out the announcement trailer below.

Set during an apocalypse where a mysterious entity is corrupting humans and turning them into monsters obsessed only with violence and power, the game sees you as a survivor who gets their arm cut off by one of the monsters and replaced by some sort of mysterious force. While this seems to carry a curse, it also allows for some nifty combat skills as you go on various dungeon crawls filled with traps, puzzles, and dancing mini-games (yes, really) in order to find a cure…when not trying to spend time with one of five potential partners in between. Oh, and there’s a time limit, so you’d better learn how to manage things carefully. It looks and sounds rather intriguing, so keep an eye out for Eternights when it comes out for PS5, PS4, and PC in Early 2023.