EU LCS Summer Split Week 5 Day 1 Predictions

Last week gave us some nice shake up in the standings so things should be interesting today. The top three remain the same and we’ve got a face-off between the top two.

1. Fnatic (17 pts)

2. G2 Esports (16 pts)

3. H2K (13 pts)

4. FC Schalke 04 (12 pts)

5. Splyce (10 pts)

6. Team Vitality (8 pts)

7. Giants, Unicorns of Love (7 pts)

9.  Origen, Roccat (7 pts)

Fnatic have finally taken over the top spot after G2 tied against Vitality on day two. Now to hold onto the lead they have to take out G2 themselves. H2K dropped a match against UOL last week and should be able to rebound against Origen, but they’re been looking better with xPeke at ADC. Some good games should happen today. Maybe we’ll get some more crazy EU finishes. (Overall: 12-18)

  • Splyce vs UOL (1-1)
  • Roccat vs Giants (0-2)
  • Vitality vs Schalke (1-1)
  • H2K vs Origen (2-0)
  • Fnatic vs G2 (1-1)

Feel free at all times to share your thoughts in the comments below. If you think I’m a bumbling idiot then say so, but at least provide why. More importantly if you have any readability issues or know of a better way to structure things feel free to drop a comment as well. Please if you can save me from counting ties as losses I would be super appreciative /cry.