EU LCS Summer Split Week 6 Day 1 Predictions

Right now ties put the EU LCS in a weird place but power ranking wise I believe the first three on the bracket are right. While Jankos wouldn’t agree because he hates Perkz, G2 has seemed very dominant.

1.  G2 Esports (20 pts)

2. Fnatic (17 pts)

3. H2K (15 pts)

4. FC Schalke 04, Splyce (14 pts)

6. Giants (13 pts)

7. Unicorns Of Love (9 pts)

8. Vitality, Origen (9 pts)

10. Roccat (8 pts)

Regardless of who I believe to be stronger than the other ties will forever leave that in flux until playoffs come around. Hopefully next split they switch to a B03 system to make things more definitive (Overall: 16-24)

  • Fnatic vs Vitality (2-0)
  • Origen vs UOL (1-1)
  • Roccat vs Splyce (1-1)
  • G2 vs Giants (2-0)
  • Schalke vs H2K (0-2)

Feel free at all times to share your thoughts in the comments below. If you think I’m a bumbling idiot then say so, but at least provide why. More importantly if you have any readability issues or know of a better way to structure things feel free to drop a comment as well. Please if you can save me from counting ties as losses I would be super appreciative /cry.