Evan’s Remains Brings Gorgeous Puzzle-Platforming to PC, All Consoles

There’s a new puzzle-platformer in town and its name is Evan’s Remains. Releasing today on the Xbox One via the digital storefront, PS4 via PSN, PC via Steam and the Switch via the eShop, Evan’s Remains is a different breed of cat in the genre. It uses a highly-detailed pixel art style and features lush animation alongside its heavy platforming and usage of its narrative to make you care about the characters you interact with in ways that few puzzle-platformers ever do.

Along the way to find Evan, you will encounter many people and learn about them and the world, while solving logic puzzles intertwined with platforming. The game has an early-bird discount of 10% on PC and is only $6.99 at full price – so if you love puzzle-platformers, or just really want to see a platformer with an in-depth storyline attached to it, give it a shot.


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