EVE Online Gets a Bit More Newbie-Friendly with the Arrival of Gateway Update

For most of its long existence, EVE Online has been infamous for a number of reasons.  The first is the large-scale wars carried out by the absolutely massive player alliances inhabiting it, and the second is the sheer difficulty of getting started as a new Capsuleer. One cannot just jump into a goliath game like EVE Online, and, until recently, the task of successfully onboarding new players has largely fallen to the game’s dedicated community. It’s done a great job of it too, but more support from the makers is always a good thing, and that’s where 2021’s third Quadrant: Gateway comes into play.

With the launch of Gateway, two primary additions to EVE Online are now live. One is a new, story-driven experience for new players that’ll hopefully do a better job of teaching players how to interact with EVE’s most important mechanics. At the very least, one doesn’t have to worry about getting griefed by more experienced pilots, as this segment of the game is set in a self-contained space separate from the rest of New Eden. Along with that is the new “Skill Plans” system, which makes tracking one’s desired skill much easier. Players can even share their “Skill Plans” with friends and allies if they want.

Even with all this, EVE Academy even and more to come, getting into a game like EVE Online will likely always be a process, but at least there’s more in-game support now. It also helps that EVE will be available through Epic Games Store as of September 23, so those interested won’t even have to go off of a major platform to play anymore.

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