Evertried Blazes onto Consoles, PC on October 21

Evertried, a tactical rogue-lite from Lunic Games will soon be bringing its tale of the afterlife to consoles and PC later next month. Once its out, players will not only have the chance to take in its world, artwork and story, but also its brain-scratching, reactive combat. Overcoming the problems and possible regrets haunting their lost warriors soul isn’t as easy as simply swinging one’s blade. It’ll apparently take a lot more than that to ascend The Tower into a glorious afterlife.

The key hooks offered by Evertried are the mysteries surrounding the player’s Lost Soul and the trials it has to conquer in order to secure its final rest. This soul was obviously a strong warrior once, and yet it’s somehow wound up in a place for warriors who died without honor. How did one with such strength end up in The Tower?

It’s the combat that’ll likely be Evertried’s centerpiece though. It’s a turn-based system wherein the enemies’ moves are all based on what the player does.  So, in order to clear each stage and achieve victory, one has to think at least a couple moves ahead with each action they take. As progress is made, items, skills and other modifiers can be acquired to make the journey better conform to their own playstyle.

There’s also the option to make it more difficult too, which probably has its own benefits. Whatever the case, Evertried is probably a good fit for those who want to use a bit more problem-solving in combat. There’s actually a demo available right now on Steam, so definitely give it a shot if it sounds interesting.

Evertried launches on October 21 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch.