Everything All at Once with Pixeljam Complete

It’s been a busy fourteen years for Pixeljam, who started out small and worked that angle for all it was worth.  A few prototypes and a couple of freebies led to Dino Run, which took off nicely and opened up the opportunity to work with Adult Swim Games back when that company was primarily web-based gaming.  Being tied up with ASG didn’t stop a few side projects like Glorkian Warrior and Potatoman Seeks the Troof from coming out, but eventually Pixeljam went its own way.  Last Horizon was a fun little space-explorer, Cheap Golf fused an Atari 2600 style with an AI named Susan to be much more memorable than its art style suggested, and other games started development and either released or fell through the cracks.  Now all that gaming work is available through the Pixeljam Complete collection, which has everything listed above plus unreleased prototypes and other bonus goodies.  It’s a huge amount of content covering successes, failures, and all points between, with plenty of extras to complete Pixeljam’s story.

Pixeljam Complete is currently available exclusively on itch.io, containing DRM-free versions of everything but the games currently still in development.  It’s also got music, comics, and other goodies inside, so take a peek at the trailer below for a small taste of a busy history.