Evil Controllers Improve the Evil Shift

Evil Controllers have been making some changes to their Evil Shift controllers, trying to make even better than before. In addition to some new features, they have launched customizable controllers for both Xbox One and PlayStation including ones that feature Apex Legends and Fortnight designs. New features with the Evil Shift controllers include pro tension, an eSports feature that increases the tension of the thumbsticks (220 grams), naturally allowing the user to have more fine control over movement. Pro Tension provides a significant advantage in all game types from shooters to racing games and tactile triggers, which provide instant feedback with only 1mm of travel. Compatible with all shooters and vehicles, however Hairpin is recommended for driving games as Hairpin allows the trigger to have full travel with analog control. Tactile Sensitive buttons give players that satisfying mouse-like click, increasing reaction time, with gamers noticing an immediate difference in gameplay. Tactile D-pad (PS4 only) provides instant feedback with only 1mm of travel. This feature adds individual buttons below the D-pad for precise selection of directional movements. These new changes improve one of the better paddle controllers on the market. More details about the Evil Shift can be found in our 2017 review.