Evolve’s Big Alpha Officially Delayed on PS4

It’s been a rough month for PlayStation 4 owners. After the insanity that was the botched Driveclub launch and subsequent PS Plus Edition delay, PS4 users have seen console malfunctions due to the much-anticipated Firmware 2.0 Update. The bad news has only gotten worst on the final day of the month, as Turtle Rock and 2K have announced that the PlayStation 4 iteration of the Evolve Big Alpha has been delayed indefinitely.

Here’s the official quote from the Evolve website:

Following the recent PS4 2.00 firmware update, we are experiencing difficulties with the Evolve Big Alpha on PlayStation 4. As a result, the test on PlayStation 4 is postponed. PlayStation and 2K are working together on a resolution.

Unexpected hiccups are never good, so let’s hope that this isn’t a sign of things to come for online-heavy titles coming to the PlayStation 4 in the near future.