Evolve’s Fourth Monster, Behemoth, Revealed

2K Games posted a new trailer today revealing the fourth monster in its 4v1 multiplayer shooter Evolve, a massive, rolling rock creature called “Behemoth.”

In the trailer, one of Evolve‘s heroes explores a quiet, still cavern for a few moments before Behemoth bursts onto the scene, rolling after him in a sequence very reminiscent to Indiana Jones getting chased by the boulder in Raiders of the Lost Ark, before finally landing in front of him and expanding into its true form, a huge, hulking monster.

Even though the trailer is just a pre-rendered cutscene, we can still glean some details about how Behemoth will play. It looks like it’ll be able to curl into a ball to roll after and crush players, which will be good as an offensive move to chase players down for quick kills or for rolling away to escape. When Behemoth wants to get up close and personal, though, its arms look pretty ferocious and like they’ll make quick work of any player foolish enough to get too close. Behemoth looks like it’ll be a pretty slow but powerful character when engaging in melee attacks, but its ability to roll should keep things balanced.

Evolve comes out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 10.