Exception Boots Up its Neon Platforming with Release Date Trailer

There’s a long-standing question of how much neon is too much neon.  Like one of those theoretical math problems it’s still out there, unsolved and maybe unsolvable.  The latest entry to try and prove there’s no upper limit is Exception, an action-platformer set in the heart of a virus-infested PC.  The lovely old lady who owns the machine got an offer of free software while browsing the internet, and seeing as software is what makes the computer go then more of it can only be better.  After clicking on a few dozen warnings about what a terrible idea this is she finally gets her install, and then everything goes exactly as one would expect.  Except for the part where one of the threads in the computer rises up against the Titan virus, slashing and platforming its way through level after techno-neon level.

Other than its fantastic visual style, the main hook of Exception is how each level is more than what it initially seems.  Reaching a switch causes the level to twist and flip about in a variety of ways, from something simple like entire structure rotating ninety degrees to more complicated contortions as quadrants flip about independently of each other in a display of plaforming origami.  This could be confusing if not handled well but the direction to go next is almost always obvious, although it’s worth the effort to go wandering off the path.  Most levels have a sim card hidden somewhere used as currency to buy upgrades, adding new moves or upgrading them to make the already-agile cyber-hero just a bit more effective against the corrupted agents of Titan.

Exception was recently announced for a Summer release but as of today has an official date of August 13.  Whether you’ve got a PC, PS4, Xbox One, or Switch (no Vectrex?) it’s got you covered, so check out the trailer below to see it in action.