Exit the Gungeon Revealed For Apple Arcade

Enter the Gungeon has arguably been one of the biggest successes for Devolver Digital, with Dodge Roll’s action-packed roguelike twin-stick shooter selling millions of copies across multiple platforms and scoring rave reviews. For a follow-up, though (in addition to the arcade game), it looks like a different approach is being taken. As Devolver is no stranger towards mobile gaming, it’s no surprise they would be on board with Apple Arcade. What is a surprise, though, is Exit the Gungeon, a similar yet different approach to the franchise, as seen in the trailer below.

Taking place immediately after the events of Enter the Gungeon, Exit the Gungeon sees you trying to…well, exit the Gungeon. See, after our explorer have shot their way through the Gungeon on a journey to gain personal absolution, the Gungeon is now collapsing due to a paradox. So now our gun-filled dungeon crawler becomes a gun-filled dungeon CLIMBER, as our heroes venture through a series on insane elevators in order to escape. And while the genre may have shifted a bit towards being a side-scrolling arcade game, the original game’s signature insanity is still present. Exit the Gungeon is an Apple Arcade exclusive for now, and no release date has been announced for it yet, but stay tuned for more details as they come in the future.

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