Explore Water Seven in the Latest One Piece Odyssey Trailer

One Piece Odyssey, possibly the next step in games based on the much-beloved manga series, got a new trailer today which allows fans a look at how it’ll be handling Water Seven arc. Not all of the city is shown, but it should be enough to get a sense of what exploring it will be like once the full game releases in a couple of months.

Also shown in the video is One Piece Odyssey’s Bond Arts system. These exceptionally powerful attacks always involve three characters and are only acquired via completing Memory Link Quests. Considering how much strength the Straw Hat Crew derives from there shared bonds, this actually makes some sense. After all,  how can the player fully understand what these characters can do together without first experiencing what they’ve all been through together?

One Piece Odyssey launches for PC, PlayStation and Xbox on January 13.