Gearbox Publishing Announces Eyes in the Dark

Last month we saw the Early Access release of Have a Nice Death, a monochromatic 2D side-scrolling roguelike action-platformer from Magic Design Studios and Gearbox Publishing. And during this weekend at PAX East, it was revealed that Gearbox Publishing apparently couldn’t get enough of that kind of game, as now they’re teaming up with Croatian developers Under the Stairs to bring us their new game Eyes in the Dark, a “roguelight” game whose announcement trailer you can check out below.

As its subtitle states, Eyes in the Dark is The Curious Case of One Victoria Bloom, a young girl who has to infiltrate their family home of Bloom Manor in order to save their grandfather after the house has been overtaken by darkness. Starting out with just a flashlight and a slingshot and battling things out with twin-stick actions, players will guide Victoria through an ever-changing house each time, picking up new weapons, fighting new monsters, and uncovering new family secrets along the way. Eyes in the Dark comes out on July 14 for Steam and the Epic Games Store, and those who pre-order it now will receive a free copy of the soundtrack when it launches.