F-Zero May Return, But Only With the Right Controller

In a recent interview with Smosh Games, Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto spoke briefly on the chances of F-Zero seeing a revival in the future. Speaking through a translator, Miyamoto said:

Maybe if we create a new type of controller interface, and we find a controller interface that’s particularly suited for F-Zero, then maybe we’ll do something again with it in the future.

A strange answer, to be sure. What exactly is wrong with Nintendo’s current controller interfaces? The gamepad, pro controller, and even the 3DS seem to have more than enough buttons and features to support a racing game like F-Zero. Perhaps Miyamoto has some plans for the series that require a more unique controller interface? Regardless, he did make a point of mentioning that Takaya Imamura, who he worked with on the original F-Zero, is working with him on Star Fox Wii U. Maybe, just maybe, the two of them are cooking up something F-Zero related together over in Kyoto. For now, however, we wait.

2 thoughts on “F-Zero May Return, But Only With the Right Controller

  1. i’m thinking full on hand held flight style joystick. could probably come up with a simple accessory for the wiimote to ‘move’ the buttons (like the gun accessory, but it’s a joystick top)

    wii motion plus should be plenty sensitive for this.

  2. I don’t care about the controller, I just want a new game already…

    We get a “New Super Mario Bros.” game every month, yet you can’t take time to make a new F-Zero because you “don’t know where to go with it”? C’mon, Nintendo. Not cool.

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