F1 22 Updates Driver Ratings, Reveals Cross-Play Availability

It is currently the summer break of the Formula One season and Codemasters has updated its Driver Ratings for F1 22. This is to better align with how the performance of each driver is going this season. While Verstappen and Hamilton remain at the top, drivers like George Russell and Sergio Perez have seen an increase. Charles LeClerc has seen a decrease, however. These ratings are factored in by an Experience, Racecraft, Awareness, and Pace score. Podium Pass Series 2 is also available now which brings items inspired by the Mid-Autumn Festival, or Moon Festival that is celebrated in Chinese Culture. A Lando Norris set is available in the Free Tier and a Fish Lantern and Fire Dragon set is available in the VIP Tier. Cross-play will be fully integrated on August 24 after successful testing.