Fabraz Heads Into New Platforming Territory With Demon Turf

If you know anything about Fabraz, it’s like that they’re the developers of Slime-san, a charming, 2D, retro pixelated platformer. They’re back with a new game, but now they’re working with another dimension, tackling 3D platformers via Demon Turf. The new game premiered recently during IGN’s Summer of Gaming, and revealed another nice and colorful platformer that blends 3D environments and 2D animations…one that just happens to involve beating up gangs in the Demon World.

Indeed, all of the various gangs in this underworld are duking it out, hoping to rule over the land. But our young demon Beebz won’t stand for them…largely because they’re getting in the way of her becoming the Demon Queen. So off Beebz goes, ready to smack the gang leaders down, taking on several forms along the way, traversing several levels that notably change once they’re liberate. Fabraz apparently used everything they learned in making Slime-san to make Demon Turf the best platformer it can be, and we’ll see if their work pays off later when Demon Turf comes to the XB1, Xbox Series X, PC (via Epic Game Store), and Switch later on.