Fanatec’s New Direct Drive Wheel Base Adds New Tech

Fanatec has announced a new Direct Drive Wheel Base that will add even more immersion for simulation racing drivers. The company has announced the expansion of its famous ClubSport Wheel Base line with a new 12 Nm Direct Drive Wheel Base. These look just like the CSL DD in shape, and will be compatible with the entire Fanatec ecosystem and all major racing games. Fanatec also announced that a ClubSport DD+ with 15 Nm torque and PlayStation compatibility will launch soon, and it will work on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Direct Drive is now the industry standard, however they do differ in results.

The ClubSport DD is built for Windows PC and will deliver consistent torque performance, super-fast response and other fine details. The base is compatible with Xbox if it uses an officially licensed Xbox Fanatec wheel. The new ClubSport DD will include the new force feedback protocol called FullForce. This revolutionary force feedback technology is designed specifically for Fanatec Direct Drive. This technology is utilized by leveraging the instant response from the motor with the zero backlash of the direct drive technology, itself. It then engages by generating high-frequency vibrations for a new level of immersion that has yet to be seen.

With the inclusion of FullForce on the new ClubSport DD, players will be able to feel the engine rev and finely identify the road surface unlike ever before. The base also will reduce torque and provide crystal-clear force feedback information at all times. This is thanks to the motor design that includes Fanatec’s patented FluxBarrier technology. This acts by boosting both efficiency and smoothness under duress of the wheel. This will also be the most thermally stable Wheel Base in its class as strict cooling requirements have been implemented resulting in increased trust in players as they train their muscle memory to increase personal performance.

The ClubSport DD is also designed from the ground up with next-generation Quick Release in mind. QR2 will no fully integrate with the shaft, which will improve its strength. The ClubSport DD Wheel Base is available for pre-order now on Fanatec’s website. It retails for $699.95 and will be available on November 7. Users can choose to add a table clamp for an additional $99.95. In comparison, the Gran Turismo DD Pro is available in both 5 Nm and 8 Nm, so the boost to 12 and eventually 15 will be quite substantial. Many available Fanatec steering wheels begin around $200 and go up from there. You can check out our review of the Gran Turismo CSL DD Pro here.

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