Fanatical Build Your Own Play on the Go Bundle 3 Now Available

Fanatical has been crushing it with Steam Deck-centric bundles and the third entry offers a lot of potential variety for a great price. The build your own bundle format allows you to get three games for $4.99, five games for $6.99 and eight games for $9.99.

The games available to choose from include Legends of Kingdom Rush, Kindom Rush Vengeance, Redout and its DLC, Crumble, Blazing Chrome, Tiny Lands, Arietta of Spirits, Tested on Humans: Escape Room, Blasphemous, Darkwood, Shadow Tactics, Cat Quest, Grand Mountain Adventure, Aragami, Going Under, House, Among the Sleep, Shift Happens, Liberated, God’s Trigger, OutBuddies and The Ramp.

There are incredible titles here, including Liberated, Blasphemous, Going Under, Aragami, Blazing Chrome, Tiny Lands and Redout — which is one of the best futuristic racers on the market.