Fanatical Dollar Collections Offer Value and Variety

Fanatical has a new batch of dollar collections available that cover a wide variety of genres. The coolest thing with these is that if you’re just trying to grab a missing game in a collection, you can – or you can try out something totally new. The games available include The Battle ofPolytopia and its DLC, Lucious Complete, a double pack of Valfaris and Slain: Back From Hell, Riptide GP 2 and Riptide GP Renegade, Leisure Suit Larry 1-7 and Magna Cum Laude, both AVGN Adventures Games, Starpoint Gemini 2, Oddworld Abe’s Exodus and Munch’s Oddysee, Learn Japanese to Survive Trilogy, Doorways, Monster Slays, Nextones and its DLC, Beholder 1 and 2, and Survivalist and Survivalist: Invisible Strain.

There are some absolute scorchers here in terms of quality, with the Valfaris/Slain bundle being great for action-platformers – as is the AVGN double pack. Racing fans wanting something new akin to WaveRace will love Riptide GP, and you can never go wrong with Leisure Suit Larry for adventure game comedy. Hextones offers up a grid-based puzzler, while both Oddworld games are classics that have held up well to time.