Fanatical Launches Arc System Works Bundle 2

Fanatical has quickly become a destination for some of the best values in gaming – and the new Arc System Works bundle is no different. For only $4.99, you can get Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus 4, Guilty Gear 2 Overture, Battle Fantasia, Of Mice & Sand Revisited, and Double Dragon IV. This bundle gets you some beat ’em up action in Overture and Drouble Dragon IV alongside some top-shelf 2D fighting with Accent Core and Battle Fantasia. The latter uses a fantasy RPG-style setup and stands out from the pack as a result. For those seeking a more relaxed vibe, Of Mice & Sand is a mini-God game with some strategy that does something completely different than anything else in this bundle. It’s a great value overall and if you want evenĀ  one of these games, it’s a must-buy.