Fanatical New Year’s Play on the Go Bundle Now Available

A new Steam Deck-centric bundle is available on Fanatical with a variety of games and tiers available to enjoy. You can get three games for $4.99, five games for $6.99 and eight games for $9.99 — making that the best per-game price point. The available games include Roundguard, Daymare, Time Loader, Neon Abyss, Lethal League Blaze, Tesla Force, BLACKSAD, Toodee and Topdee, Golf Club Wasteland, Everhood, Lacuna, 3000th Duel, Cats in Time, Lawn Mowing Simulator, Kill It With Fire, Caveblazers, Hellbound, Nongunz and Payday 2.

There’s a healthy amount of diversity here with things like puzzle-platformers on display with Time Loader, and more action-centric games like Neon Abyss and Payday 2. Having everything here playable on the Steam Deck comes in handy if there are a few games you want to play on it.