Fanatical Pick Mix Play on the Go Bundle Now Available

With Steam Decks getting in more hands, we’ve seen more Deck-centric bundles out there. Humble had one a couple of months ago and now Fanatical has a mix and match bundle for Deck-verified games. Players can get three games for $4.99, five for $6.99, and eight of them for $9.99. The available games include Blacksad, Tesla Force, Skeletal Avenger, Rising Hell, Murder by Numbers, CHASM, Shadow Tactics, JYDGE, Sexy Brutale, The Vagrant, Gray Dawn, Yoku’s Island Express, Party Hard 2, Evan’s Remains, Lovecraft’s Untold Stories, Beholder 1 and 2, The Textorcist, and SIMULACRA.

There’s a lot of variety here with platformers, tactical strategy, and even Vanillaware-like experiences in the form of The Vagrant. The Vagrant does have a small amount of keys available, so it’s a good idea to jump on the bundle sooner rather than later if you want to pick that game up.

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