Fanatical Pick Your Own Very Positive Bundle 3 Now Available

A new bundle has hit Fanatical and it features a multi-tiered approach to get a variety of games with “very positive” rankings on Steam. This is a fantastic value-laden bundle because you can get one game for $1,five for $2.99 and 10 titles for $4.99. The available games include Far Lone Sails, Cluster Truck, Tower of Time, Deadly Days, Nomad Survival, Astronarch, Monstrum, Buddy Simulator 1984 , Cosmic Star Heroine, Save Room, Super Bugs Awaken,Nobodies, The Corridor, Adventures of Chris, Juggernauts, and DiveKick!

There is a lot of variety here, with platforming fun in the form of Adventures of Chris, some cel-shaded shooting fun with Superbugs: Awaken, and an incredible Phantasy Star-inspired RPG in the form of Cosmic Star Heroine. Those seeking some rogue-lite fun will enjoy Deadly Days and Astronarch.  Comic Star Heroine is easily the best pure game here, while Cluster Truck is a blast for anyone who wants a blend of an endless runner and a 3D platformer.