Fanatical Platinum Collection Bundle Now Available

A new Fanatical bundle is available showcasing a lot of value across a wide variety of genres. The build your own bundle format allows you to buy three games for $9.99, five for $14.99, and seven for $19.99 – making this a great deal for anyone wanting even just a few of the available games. The available games include Magequit, While True: Learn, Crumble, Dead Island: Definitive Edition, Warborn, Shores Unknown, Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield, Scarf, Spook Wire, 20XX, Unrailed, Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2, Cobra Kai, Cultist Simulator, Streamer Life Simulator, Flashing Lights, GI Joe: Operation Blackout, and Painkiller.

There’s some high-quality stuff here with Never Yield being one of the finest runners on the market, Crumble offering a mix of Marble Madness and platforming, and 20XX offering up a rogue-like Mega Man X adventure. Kart racing fans will find a lot to enjoy with Nick Kart Racers 2, and even Cobra Kai has itsmoments.