Fanatical’s Graffiti Bundle Offers a Lot of Platforming Fun for Under $5

Graffiti Games has made some really fun platformers and they haven’t been bundled yet – which makes the new Graffiti Games bundle on Fantatical an even better value. For a mere $4, you get Double Cross, Tridents Wake, The King’s Bird, and Joggernauts. Double Cross is one of the most finely-tuned action-platformers I’ve played all year and is well-worth its normal $20 asking price. Tridents Wake is a different kettle of fish with a sci-fi shooting setup. The King’s Bird is a stunning silhouette-centric platformer with extreme colors that pop off the screen, while Joggernauts is a fun runner mixed with a party game. At only $4, this bundle is a must for anyone wanting something new to play – especially if you’re an action-platforming fan.