Fantasian Part Two Now Available via Apple Arcade

Hironobu Sakaguchi created Final Fantasy over 35 years ago – but hadn’t been seen in the turn-based RPG realm since Lost Odyssey in 2007 until Fantasian hit earlier this year. This diorama-influenced JRPG hit Apple Arcade and was a true killer app for the service as it is a massive-scale release that is exclusive to that service. With turn-based combat and a classic Final Fantasy feel, Fantasian did more than most FF games to recreate the epic scale while also keeping characters more rooted in reality.

However, the original release of Fantasian was just the first part of the story – and even then, it was an experience I felt was well-worth the cost of an Apple TV and the Apple Arcade membership. Part two concludes the story told in the first part and showcases about 60 total hours of content with 50 new areas to enjoy too. Nobuo Uematsu composed 34 new songs for this conclusion and for anyone looking for something that feels like a classic Final Fantasy on modern hardware, this is it. Fantasian is an incredible game and the most fun I’ve had playing a JRPG in a long time. Hopefully, it gets a wider release down the road – but as it stands, it’s a killer app for anyone with an Apple Arcade-capable device.