Fantasy Strike Goes Free-to-Play on All Platforms

Fantasy Strike first launched a year and a half ago and offered up fast-paced one-on-one fighting for a reasonable price point. As an indie release, its $30 price tag made it a bit tough for some to swallow, but it received high marks for being highly-accessible and having rock-solid netcode. Now, the Switch, PS4, and PC game has gone free-to-play – making it one of the few fighters with that setup that offers up all of its fighters for you to play without a paywall. Every fighter is playable in casual, ranked, practice, and AI battles.

Two new characters have been added in the sword-wielding Onimaru and magic user Quince. Content exclusive to the paywall includes cosmetics like taunts and outfits – including master costumes and a DVR-esque replay feature. If you’ve been craving a new fighter to play and want to do so without forking over some cash, give Fantasy Strike a shot – its robuster roster has enough gameplay variety to keep you engaged for quite a while.

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