Far Cry 4 DLC Begins to Arrive Next Month

If you’re a crazy person and have finished collecting all of the trinkets and doohickeys scattered about Kyrat, you’ll be happy to know that more Far Cry 4¬†content is on the horizon. The first major piece of DLC, “Escape from Durgesh Prison” is slated to hit Xbox Live and PC on January 13 and PlayStation Network on January 14 (begin debating now).

Ajay and Hurk find themselves held captive in a Kyrati prison owned and operated by everyone’s favorite psychedelic-fueled villain, Yuma. In this time trial mission (sorry to disappoint everyone), players have one life to escape Durgesh and race across Kyrat to recover their gear before one last battle with Yuma. Escape from Durgesh Prison will be playable in both single player and co-op, meaning that Hurk fans across the globe will be satisfied with this particular offering.

Escape from Durgesh Prison is part of the Far Cry 4 Season Pass, but it will available for separate purchase on its release dates as well.