Fast & Furious Spy Racers – Rise of Sh1ft3r Now Available on Consoles, PC

Outside of the arcade game that hit the Wii as Cruis’n, the Fast and Furious franchise has had an iffy run in gaming. Last year’s Crossroads was the stuff memes were made of and despite the original movie helping popularize the tuner culture that helped the Need For Speed Underground series and countless imitators hit the ground running, it’s never had a truly great console game to call its own. Spy Racers: Rise of Sh1ft3r doesn’t just bring back 2003-era L33T speak, but does so while changing up the premise from the films to the more kid-friendly show and putting a greater emphasis on gadgets – making it more akin to Spy Hunter.

The Dreamworks show has done well on Netflix and offers a CG racing experience alongside goofy storylines – and with prior games being iffy, it’s a good fit to try and make a new game with the well-known franchise but make one without the baggage of other games. Rise of Sh1ft3r is available now on the PlayStation 4, SwitchXbox consoles  and PC for $39.99.