Felucia, Clone Commandos, Instant Action, More Deploying in Star Wars Battlefront II

EA and DICE today announced that batch of hotly anticipated content arrives in Star Wars Battlefront II this week.

Back at Gamescom, EA and DICE revealed a slew of new content for Star Wars Battlefront II that included a return of classic modes, the Clone Commando, and a new map. Today, they’ve revealed that all this content is out this week on September 25.

First up is the Clone Commando. Elite Operatives of the Galactic Republic, these clones come equipped with the DC-17m Repeating Blaster Rifle. Much like in Republic Commando, the blaster rifle comes with an Anti-Armor attachment that’s perfect for vehicles. Meanwhile, Commandos come with a repulsor that sends enemies flying backwards. The Battle Focus ability reduces damage taken to nearby allies.

The updates adds a fifth Clone Wars map to the rotation, Felucia. This exotic planets is filled with deadly beauty that clones and droids must navigate carefully. Explore farmlands, rivers, and a village. The map is playable in Capital Supremacy.

Probably most exciting is the return of Instant Action alongside a new co-op mode. In Instant Action, players participate in large-scale combat against AI enemies. Like in previous Battlefront games, players can tweak various settings to truly customize the match. Meanwhile, co-op has you team up with three other players to on AI enemies together. Both modes launch on Clone Wars era maps with other eras, hopefully, coming later.

As for the future, EA and DICE remain committed to Star Wars Battlefront II. While they can’t give away too much, they did confirm new content based on The Rise of Skywalker is coming. We’ll let you know should EA or DICE announce anything.