FIFA 17 Free on Consoles This Weekend

While many may pair the upcoming holiday weekend with the American version of football, EA is hoping sports fans will also enjoy playing a free taste of the international version of football, with a 10-hour trial being made available for FIFA 17 over the next few days.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, PS4 and Xbox One gamers interested in trying out EA’s soccer simulator can do so with a free trial which begins November 24 at 1 PM ET and lasts till the 28 at 3 AM ET. The free selection offers access to the majority of the full FIFA 17 experience, with the only limitation being found in the game’s “The Journey” mode, which is equivalent to a campaign, of which only a select portion of the mode will be offered. For those looking to continue beyond the trial, the full game has been significantly discounted, and any progress made during the free period will continue onwards. One should also be aware that if you have already used the Xbox One trial offered via the EA Access program, then this offer is invalid.

In addition to the PS4 and Xbox One versions, FIFA 17 is also available on PC with similar discounts. While waiting for the massive download of FIFA 17, make sure to check out Hardcore Gamer’s review of the title, which calls it “the most complete package of football that we’ve seen to date.”