Fifth and Final Episode Of Super Game Jam Releases On Steam

For a while, all the cool hipster gamers played indie games to get away from the more mainstream titles and experience the broad range of creativity and ideas little companies had to offer.

Since Indie Game: The Movie, though, all the really cool gamers know you don’t want to just play indie games, but watch people make indie games that you can play. Now, it seems some new televised game jam is coming out once a month or so, with the biggest and most notable exception being Super Game Jam on Steam.

And the fifth and final episode of Super Game Jam was just released, following developers Tom Francis and Liselore Goedhart. This specific game jam theme is “simulation,” so the episode shows the developers working to rapidly make a game that fits the theme within 48 hours.

The sad news is that this episode will close a rather interesting series showcasing a bunch of talented developers. The good news, however, is that the whole package is currently on sale over at Steam for 25% off, and the purchase will net you the five episodes and the five short games that came out of the show to boot.