Fight Back The Cold in Wildfrost, a Rougelike Card Game From Chucklefish

As we officially enter summer, we find ourselves looking forward to the warm weather and saying goodbye to the bitter cold that we have to put of with every year. And it seems like Chucklefish might have anticipated these feelings, since they used today’s Indie World presentation to announce Wildfrost, a new roguelike card game that’s all about trying to get rid of an eternal winter. A collaboration between Will Lewis of Deadpan Games and artist/designer Gaziter, the game looks to hopefully please fans of games such as Slay the Spire who can’t get enough deckbuilding action.

The game sees you testing your card battling skills as you try and journey to the Sun Temple in order to banish the titular Wildfrost, returning to the lone surviving town of Snowdwell to rebuild it and unlock even more cards and challenges. Each trip out sees you selecting a Leader from one of many tribes with random skills and stats, and then duking it with various adorable enemies and trying to edge them out with a counter system, coming up with new strategies and finding new cards along the way. With what looks like a combo of an addictive gameplay loop and charming aesthetics, Wildfrost should hopefully be a hit when it comes out for the Switch and PC in the rather appropriate release window of Winter 2022.