Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Getting DLC Featuring Iconic Franchise Characters

With the new remastered Crystal Chronicles just a week away, new information is trickling out the closer we get. One of the newest unveils is that the title will be seeing paid DLC that seems mostly cosmetic. This includes familiar faces for those who have played other entries in the Crystal Chronicles series. There hasn’t been any word on this DLC releasing anywhere but Japan just yet, but we’ll likely get the full announcement very soon. This DLC will allow players to use the new mimic mechanic to take on the appearance of the chosen character. In addition to that there will also be optional weapons that can also be purchased in sets, although it’s not entirely clear yet if they’re cosmetic or actually add special benefits.

The character sets will be available individually for 370 Yen or in a bundle for 2,580 Yen which is approximately $3 and $25 USD respectively. The two weapon sets will be sold for 490 Yen individually or 880 Yen in a bundle which is approximately $4 and $8 USD respectively.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition launches for PS4, Switch, iOS and Android on August 27. Check out the DLC characters and screenshots below: