Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has Glaring Type-O on Box Art

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is shaping up to be a must-own title in the franchise and not just because it includes a playable Final Fantasy XV demo. Considering that for many this will be the main reason to purchase the game, however, it comes as a surprise that Square Enix has a typo in the exact part of the cover art that will matter to most people.

See if you can find it:

913DKscK03L._SL1500_Notice anything off? If you’re drawing a blank, the “l” and “c” are swapped in the word “includes,” so that the advertisement for the demo readsĀ  “Inlcudes Exclusive Final Fantasy XV Demo.” The game doesn’t launch until March 17, so there’s plenty of time for Square Enix to correct the problem unless the packaging has already been printed, in which case expect the error to be inlcuded on your copy.

One thought on “Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has Glaring Type-O on Box Art

  1. Notice anything off about the last sentence of this article?! :O

    Not really digging the cover art, hopefully they put another on the reverse side, (I think most Japanese games do, can’t remember though)

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