Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster Coming In February

The final and arguably best of the Final Fantasy games getting the Pixel Remaster treatment finally has a release window. Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster will be available in February for Steam and mobile devices, making the game accessible for the first time since the mobile port of Final Fantasy VI was pulled from Steam and mobile storefronts in July in anticipation of the Pixel Remasters. While no release date had been previously announced for Final Fantasy VI, many had speculated January and since additional pre-order bonus items have been added it is suspected that February is later than Square-Enix was hoping. The pre-order bonuses included three Timelapse Remix songs from the soundtrack which are Terra’s Theme, The Decisive Battle and Searching for Friends. The release date announcement includes the includes of the Timelapse Remix of Locke’s Theme and the instrumental track Aria di Mezzo Carattere. Additionally, two new wallpapers from the Pixel Remaster series have been added as pre-order bonuses.

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