Final Fantasy VII Remake Shipment and Digital Sales Exceed 3.5 Million in 3 Days

Square Enix today revealed that Final Fantasy VII Remake has made quite a splash worldwide.

Released April 10, it took only three days for shipments and digital sales to exceed 3.5 million worldwide. It’s a stunning achievement and another rousing success for a PS4 exclusive. Square Enix expects digital sales of Final Fantasy VII Remake to climb due to the current pandemic.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a total reimagining of the Midgar section of the original classic. In addition to a retooled story and characters, the game vastly overhauls the combat system. The result is a mix between real-time action and the classic ATB system. In our review, we found the combat system to be quite excellent, though the camera can cut into the fun at times.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available now on PS4.

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