Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Adds Bahamut, Dragoon Style

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier’s second season has begun, and it’s introducing some new content and features into the mix. Most prominently is the addition of Bahamut to the battlefield. While combatants engage each other on the ground, the dragon will roam above the area and launch Megaflare attacks every so often. Bahamut isn’t invulnerable though, and players can even challenge it when it eventually lands in certain areas. If triumphant, they’ll gain the Bahamut materia and become able to transform into the beast themselves. Users will even have access to the Megaflare and Divebomb attacks.

Square Enix has also added a new “Dragoon” style, which enables users to jump high into the sky, glide, launch air-based attacks and wield a powerful lance. Dragoon users can also drain MP with their attacks and recover HP upon defeating an enemy, meaning that this style can potentially have a lot of staying power. Along with this, private matches are coming in the season’s second half, and new login bonuses have been implemented.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is currently available on Android and iOS devices.