Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Benchmark Out Now, Roadmap Detailed

During the Live Letter from the Producer on Friday, Square Enix announced a couple of news bits leading up to the upcoming expansion’s release. For starters, they laid out what players will be able to expect coming up to its release in over 4 months with their roadmap:

  • July 19 –  The Make it Rain Campaign (Event)
  • July 20 – Patch 5.58 (small changes and Feast Season 20)
  • August 13 – Moonfire Faire (Event)
  • August 27 – The Rising (Event)
  • September 13 – Final Fantasy XV Collaboration Returns (Regalia Mount)
  • Mid-September – Biennial Media Tour
  • October 19 – Moogle Treasure Trove
  • November 19 – Endwalker Early Access
  • November 23 – Endwalker’s Official Service Begins
  • November 30 – All Saint’s Wake (Event)
  • December 15 – Starlight Celebration (Event)
  • January 1 (2022) – Heavenstrum (Event)

Yoshi-P also showed off various new Artifact gear for each of the various jobs in Endwalker, even the new Reaper and Sage roles. Square Enix also debuted a brand new trailer for the game, showcasing the benchmark that is currently made available right now for players to fiddle with. This showed off a couple of the new moves with little context to how they’re performed or fit in the rotation.

More than anything, it will be a Male Viera simulator as players will be able to create their very own Warrior of Bun.

You’re able to download the 2GB benchmark and see how your computer holds up with the upcoming expansion.