Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Comes Back in 2023

It has been so long since Final Fantasy XIV had its (basically) biennial Fan Festival because, thanks to COVID, the last one had to be condensed into a single event and offered exclusively digitally. Even the Media Tour last year was done remotely, which while we understood why it had to be, it still left us incredibly disappointed. Now that the world is moving on from the pandemic, that means more physical events will be taken place, and Fan Festival is certainly one of them.

During their 14-hour stream today, Yoshi-P and company very slightly went over what was coming out on October 18, but also included dates to the three upcoming Fan Festivals.

  • Las Vegas, Nevada (Las Vegas Convention Center): July 28-29, 2023
  • London, UK (ExCel London): October 21-22, 2023
  • Japan: Early 2024

It’s interesting that Square has decided to go back to Las Vegas as their original 2021 plans were to move the North American event to San Diego. Regardless, this is exciting news as fans across the globe can start planning their trips. As per usual, they will hold various panels, activities and of course news/trailers for upcoming content. On top of that, we can kind of put together when the next expansion is to be slated. If past Fan Festivals were any indication of an expansion’s release, we’re looking at a late spring or early summer 2024 release for 7.0. With that said, things can change and nothing is announced.