Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.3 Detailed Further, Surpasses 20 Million Players

It has been a couple of months, but we finally got an update on the upcoming patch. In the latest edition of the Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter, director/producer Naoki Yoshida, and community manager Toshio Murouchi sat down to share details regarding the upcoming 5.3 patch that was delayed due to COVID-19.

The 59th Live Letter showcased brand new, never before seen content that fans can expect to get their hands on in less than a month.

  • New Main Story Quests
  • New Dungeon “The Heroes’ Gauntlet
  • New Trials (includes Extreme version)
  • Unreal Trial (Shiva) with Faux Hollows
  • YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse Chapter 02: The Puppets’ Bunker Alliance Raid
  • New Chronicles of a New Era Quest
  • Dwarves (crafting) Beast Tribe added
  • Ishgardian Restoration continues in 5.31, with Skysteel Tool upgrades in 5.35
  • The Feast Season 16 kicks off
  • Resistance Relic Weapon (5.35)
    • Newly added Bozjan Southern Front Eureka-esque large scale area
    • Synced to iLevel 430
    • Need to be level 71 to enter, can earn EXP for a job outside of its dedicated “rank” system
    • Raise your mettle by completing FATE-esque “Skirmishes” and “Critical Engagements”
    • “Lost Actions” are special actions similar to Logo Actions
  • A Realm Reborn Changes
    • Flying now accessed by anyone who completes ARR campaign
    • Side quests nerfed
    • You can teleport to The Waking Sands (pray return to the Waking Sands)
  • Crafting and Gathering
    • New Custom Delivery and recipe items
    • Trial Synthesis added to crafting
    • Reverse Lookup Function added to crafting
    • Quick desynthesis added
  • Free Trial and Starter Edition now includes Heavensward
    • This gives players the ability to select the Au Ra race and Dark Knight, Machinist and Astrologian jobs and go up to level 60
  • Job Adjustments (Astrologian MP reduction, Summoner Tri-disaster nerf, Bard buff, Monk revamp in 5.4)
  • Group Pose adds stickers
  • New Mounts and Minions
  • New housing items
  • Yo-kai Watch event returns August 18 until patch 5.4 with new weapons Gunbreaker, Dancer, Samurai and Red Mage
  • The Rising event starts August 27
  • Make it Rain event now in late October
  • Japanese Fan Fest has been cancelled; Europe still up in the air

That is a lot of information to digest. It should give players more to do after this lull, although considering the Bozjan Southern Front won’t be out for a couple more months, and depending on the difficulty of the Unreal Trial, it might not be enough to quench the end game player thirst.

It was also announced that Final Fantasy XIV had also surpassed 20 million registered players, which is a huge milestone for the seven year old MMO.

Finally, Square Enix released a brand new trailer to showcase the upcoming update. Be warned, there are Shadowbringers story spoilers in there, so if you’re still going through the MSQ, best hold off.

Originally slated for mid June, update 5.3 will be made available starting August 11.